Lyndon Poskitt

Lyndon is a multi-skilled B.Eng. educated, Chartered Professional Engineer who ‘cut his teeth’ in the Aerospace Industry of which he spent 17 years working on multi-national projects all over the world. Proven experience in Design Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Airframe Qualification, Test Engineering, Flight Test Instrumentation, Aerodynamic and Flight Systems Test Operations and Integration Management within a world leading defence and aerospace organisation. All of this along-side a heavy and life long passion for motorcycles which has seen him racing all over the world in 7 different disciplines of two wheeled motorsport for over 25 years, the pinnacle of which was completing the inaugural Dakar Rally in 2013 as a privateer in 46th place overall and a top 10 stage finish to his name. Building and modifying his own race bikes and engines since the age of 10, both guided by his father Robin and self taught, he has a massive amount of knowledge an experience about all things motorcycle.

In 2012 he started Lyndon Poskitt Racing to build custom motorcycles, sell some of his components, provide rider training and motorcycle maintenance training to his customers but above all, to raise additional funds to fuel his passion. His attention to detail clearly comes from the aerospace industry as you can see from the layout and cleanliness of his workshops and the motorcycles and components that leave the premises. With a sensatiable drive to achieve ‘more’ or ‘better’ you can be absolutely sure that the product or service you are going to get is professional and top notch. In 2013 his life-long dream of seeing the world by motorcycle was triggered after he almost lost his life in a non-motorcycle related training incident which saw him hospitalised. He subsequently left the Aerospace industry and from his experience built what he believed to be the unlimited off-road capable travel bike and set out to Travel and Race around in a project called ‘Races to Places’.

Lyndon has now covered over 150,000 km and 50 countries on this bike and raced in 5 International Cross Country races over 4 continents showcasing what many people now see at the most capable and durable adventure motorcycles ever. With a life full of passion and learning and a fun loving / sharing nature, Lyndon has shared many good times with his customers/friends all over the world forming what can only be described as a huge family.

Lyndon Poskitt’s website: Lyndon Poskitt Racing

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