David Kretz

My name is David. I studied at the ETH Zürich and I am ‘Master of Science ETH in Architecture‘.

My life motto is “No Risk, No Fun“. I grew up in Switzerland and multilingual. I speak 5 languages fluently. I’m curious how far I can get with German, English, French, Slovak and Hungarian.

Ever since childhood I am passionate about extreme sports. With 12 years I started snowboarding and with 17 downhill mountain biking. Back in 2003 I did my first downhill races. Very soon it got pretty extreme and I built the highest mountain-bike-drop. Although crashed but survived was the jump in 2005 with a vertical height of 16m and a diagonal of 22m a world record. This was followed by countless races and I also became enthusiastic for the disciplines Dirt Jump and Freeride. Backflips and other tricks were a cakewalk to me.
Now I want to take on a new challenge and ride a motorbike around the world. With my background as extreme mountain biker, I’m convinced that I will get through any terrain.

David’s website: Twine.bike

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